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Portland Woman is a free regional women’s magazine serving the Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA metropolitan area. Twenty-five thousand issues are distributed every other month to over 600 locations in the region.

Our Mission:

  • To offer support and inspiration to women of the Portland/Vancouver area by reporting on topics of interest to them and providing them with the local resources they need to connect, grow and thrive, both personally and professionally
  • To assist our advertisers in connecting with these strong, purposeful women
  • To make a difference by contributing all profits to worthy charities around the world that are helping oppressed and impoverished women

Inside Portland Woman, you’ll find:

  • In-depth features on the issues that women care most about
  • Tons of resources for women to access, for connection and for personal and professional growth
  • A community calendar of events of interest to women
As a “sister” publication of Metro Parent, we embrace that award-winning magazine’s dedication to journalistic integrity and excellence.

Our Motto:
Serving the women of the Portland/Vancouver area. Dedicated to women everywhere.

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